Evaporation and Desalination

The GCT design has been adapted by Enhanced Evaporator Solutions (EES) to a highly efficient evaporation system with the capability to separate water from concentrated brine solutions found in various industrial applications. Applying the principles of thermodynamics, EES has developed a multi-pass evaporator which can continuously recycle heat and condense water vapor into clean fresh water. When clean fresh water is not required on site, we can release the water vapor into the air, where it will later fall as precipitation. EES also has the capability to recover the residual metals and minerals which support the brine, battery, and bleach industries. The EES evaporator employs the same principles for seawater to achieve a highly efficient, low cost desalination system. EES strives to take wastewater streams and turn them into essential products for consumers, farmers, and the energy industry.

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