District Cooling

Reduce cooling energy consumption by 50% through higher energy utilization.

GCT’s technology can be used to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of district cooling systems. District cooling delivers chilled water to offices, shopping malls, apartments, and other buildings in need of indoor cooling, A district cooling system consists of an underground pipe network filled with water that is chilled by district cooling plants (chillers or residual heat for cooling). When the water has cooled the building, it returns to the cooling plant at a higher temperature where it is chilled again and redistributed in a closed loop.

District cooling can be 5 to 10 times more energy efficient than conventional independent cooling. The cold water used in a district cooling system can come from free sources such as sea water, or it can be produced from sources like waste heat with the use of steam turbine-driven or absorption chillers. GCT’s energy efficient cooling towers can be combined with chiller systems to improve chiller efficiency and capacity.

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