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Founded and based in Louisiana, Green Cooling Tower Solutions (GCTS) has created a simple yet powerful tool that signficanltly improves efficiency for industrial plants. The Green Cooling Tower (GCT) is a patented and proven industrial cooling tower designed to run without electric motors. This technology eliminates the need for costly electrical engineering and infrastructure, routine maintenance of the motors and gearboxes, and most importantly, the cost of powering the motors. In short, by targeting the plants that consume the most energy, GCTS will help reduce the world’s energy consumption.

GCTS provides full-service cooling solutions and support for customers in the power, oil and gas, chemical, paper, steel, and consumer goods manufacturing industries. The Company also provides customers with retrofit options on existing cooling towers. Our customers include Citgo, Pemex, and Indian Oil Corporation.

Our benefits

Extremely competitive

The low maintenance design along with energy efficiency over the life of the cooling tower and GCT’s attractive pricing makes this product extremely competitive.

Specially designed hydro-turbine

GCT harnesses hydraulic energy to drive a specially designed hydro-turbine, which turns the fan shaft and blades of each cell

Large industrial fan

The GCT uses the pressure already available within the recirculating cooling system to run the large industrial fan without any use of an electric motor or any electric infrastructure.

Lowest life-cycle cost

It has the lowest life-cycle cost in the cooling tower industry today

Most affordable technology

GCT is not only the best technology in the market, but is also by far the most affordable

Increase cooling capacity

By supplementing the green technology to an existing cooling tower, industrial plants can increase the cooling capacity of that tower, achieving reduction in supply water temperature in the range of 3 to 10 deg F during summer months

Our technology

Our technology provides an innovative product to a market in need of new solutions to meet the increasing environmental regulations around the world. A typical mechanical draft cooling tower needs to use large fans to drive ambient dry air through the streams of hot water in order to cool the water. While the fans play an essential role in any cooling tower, they usually consume a large amount of electricity.

GCT differentiates itself from traditional cooling towers by utilizing hydraulic energy from a plant’s existing water streams to power the fans. These water streams are wasted by traditional cooling towers.

Along with energy-efficient components and the utilization of the wasted hydraulic energy, GCT meets the quality of traditional cooling towers without using any electricity in its operation. The tower eliminates the needs for motor, shaft, gearbox, and necessary electrical infrastructure and engineering. Therefore, installation and maintenance costs can be reduced substantially.


While GCTS can install new green cooling towers for refineries, manufacturers, and power plants, the Company can also use its technology to support existing cooling towers. By supplementing the green technology to an existing cooling tower, industrial plants can increase the cooling capacity of that tower, achieving reduction in supply water temperature in the range of 3 to 10 °F during summer months. This translates to an increase of power plant efficiency in the range of 1 to 10%. Thus, the application of the GCT is very broad and flexible to the market demand.

GCT technology is an innovative means of adding supplemental cooling capacity to a power plant or any industrial process without adding additional operating costs in the form of electricity or requiring significant capital investment in engineering or infrastructure. The costs of implementing this technology are immediately recoverable in terms of reduced fuel costs and increased power output capacity in summer months, as well as reduced cooling tower electricity usage in winter months. Most importantly, the GCT operates with no supplied electricity, using instead the hydraulic pressure of the water supplied to the unit to generate airflow, which cools the water.

Our Clients

CITGO Client Logo

Citgo Petroleum Corporation, or CITGO, is the fifth largest independent refiner in the United States. The company refines, transports, and markets petroleum products, including transportation fuels, lubricants, and petrochemicals. CITGO-branded gasoline is marketed through over 4,600 retail outlets across America. With US operations based in Houston, the company has the combined crude capacity to produce 769,000 barrels-per-day.

Indian Oil Corporation Client Logo

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is a state-owned oil and gas company headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest oil company in India, accounting for nearly half the country’s petroleum market share. The company’s portfolio includes refining operations, pipeline transportation, exploration and production activities, and marketing of petrochemicals, petroleum, and natural gas. According to the 2020 Fortune Global 500, Indian Oil is the 151st largest company in the world by revenue.

Pemex Client Logo

Petroìleos Mexicanos, or PEMEX, is a petroleum company created by decree by the Mexican Congress in 1938. Headquartered in Mexico City, PEMEX focuses on refining, producing, and distributing oil products, petroleum, and natural gas. PEMEX is the largest company in Mexico by revenue and operates all the country’s six oil refineries.

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